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Why speak?
For many talented and experienced professionals in non-public professions - such as programmers, scientists, doctors, and designers - at some point, they are offered to speak somewhere to share their knowledge, represent an organization, or sell something. And for those who rarely speak, it is difficult to start developing a new skill, to understand why it can be useful not only to the employer but also to the speaker themselves. This speech is about why events are useful not only for those who organize and attend them but also for those who speak at them.

~ duration: 40-60 minutes
Algorithm for preparing a speech
Rhetoric, storytelling, presentation - all these words may evoke fear in many inexperienced speakers, as if they are not just another skill to learn, but rather a secret knowledge resembling magic. Many people think that public speaking requires an innate talent or special experience. To dispel myths and show that preparing a speech follows specific predictable steps, this master class would be helpful.

~ duration: 40-60 minutes
Elevator speech: Speaking briefly and persuasively
In the past, aspiring entrepreneurs tried to get in touch with investors using any possible means. This gave rise to the genre of short selling speeches: it is important to tell the most important things while the elevator is going from the lobby to the penthouse.

A lecture on how to use this tool in everyday life and in business: a brief overview of the history of a pitch, pitch structure, speech preparation algorithm.

Duration: 40-60 minutes.
Sales Basics
An overview of the sales rules most commonly used by successful salespeople worldwide: what the classic presentation structure consists of, what steps should be included in the preparation algorithm, examples of successful sales presentations.

~ duration: 40-60 minutes
Basics of Self-Presentation
Sales can be a challenging task, but it's even more difficult to sell your own skills and their value. In this masterclass, we will explore the basics of sales and how to apply them to the structure of self-presentation, the algorithm for preparing a short story about yourself. We will also discuss how to perceive yourself and your role as a speaker and overcome nervousness.

~ Duration: 40-60 minutes
Many speakers want to interact more with their audience, but not all attempts to conduct interactive activities are successful: sometimes the question is unclear, sometimes the listeners are shy, or sometimes the activity seems meaningless. In this lecture, we will discuss the problems with interactives, how to solve them, the different types of interactives, and how to use them to achieve your goals.

~ Duration: 40-60 minutes
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