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My name is Venera Shakirova, I help speakers.
Right now, I'm working on my Public Speaking Studio.
I graduated from the Psychology faculty of St. Petersburg State University. My thesis was on charismatic leadership, and I have completed three different trainer training programs.

I love and know how to listen, and in the initial stages of our work, I will be looking for the main idea of your speech and your strengths to use them later on.

Since 2011, I've been conducting skills training in communication. This includes public speaking, negotiations, constructive feedback, conflict resolution, sales, and pedagogical tools.

A trainer should create conditions in which the participant feels comfortable and achieves results. Therefore, I consciously approach feedback and explain to speakers the order and purpose of each stage of our training.

I have personal experience in sales in both the service and retail industries. I have also trained others in sales and led a team of advertising agents.

This experience helps me find persuasive formulations for your speeches so that the audience listens to you and reacts to your words.
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Let's find out the purpose of your speech and develop a preparation plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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