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Venera Shakirova, storyteller and slides designer
How it works?
the short presentation about the process of creating presentations
presentations for engineers, IT specialists and other professionals who try to explain something complicated
FunCorp: how push notifications actually work
Vitaliy Zagorsky is a backend developer in FunCorp. He works on push notifications for users to attract them back to the app if they took an unusual long break. But what is the programm underneath a simple push? How a content for them is crested and how it's delivered to a user? To explain the complicated schemes we made simple infographics and animated the elements of it to help the audience to keep focused.
presentations for luxurious brands
BeBeauty: business advice for starters from successful business lady
Ludmila Gollanceva started from a tiny manicure cabinet in the basement and grew her business to a chain of luxurious beauty salons. Ludmila was invited to make a speech on an event for women in business and she asked me to assist her in the preparation of her speech and presentation. She provided me photos of her flagman salon as an inspiration for design of slides. Let's see what we got.
Project Life: how a luxurious brand talks to children and young people
Project Life is a company which provides professional genealogical research: one case could involve several professional history experts and researchers and the result is a big fancy book with all the photos and documents of family members. It is an expensive service and young people are not really often apply for it. A year ago Julia, COO of Project Life was invited as a speaker to the event for high school, college and university students, so we needed to find a balance between luxurious style of company's brand and easy and understandable visual language of young people. So let's see what we achieved.
serious (but interesting)
presentations for a product demo, sales and instructions
for teammates or partners
Joom: presentation for Ukranian clients
Joom team were preparing a speech for their Ukrainian audience about all the opportunities and bonuses they could have using their marketplace as a merchant. Speakers provided me with their brand book guide, their slides template and screenshots that were required, although I also used stock illustrations which I coloured according to the guide.
presentations with a metaphor in the core
Lecture about service communications
Tatyana Cvetkova is an expert in service communications: she is a consultant, lecturer and the founder of her own company. She was invited to tell me about basic rules in this field. The timing of the speech was short (only 10 minutes), so Tatyana she asked me to help with a plan of speech and the design of slides. We found the main metaphor of customer journey with bad, medium and great service and Tatyana showed me the logo of her company as an inspiration. That was all I started with. Let's see the result.
presentations for very serious purposes with easy and catching illustrations inspired by animated movies and comic books
Webinar for beginner product managers
Julia Maksina is a human resources manager, consultant and founder of an educational project. She was invited to conduct a webinar for bank workers about careful people management. Julia already had her presentation plan, so we just discussed it a little so I undestood the logic, and then she provided me with a logo of her project and some references, so I found a series of illustrations which fit the style and drew some by myself.
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