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What does a speech consist of?
А well-structured and logical plan, which serves as a guide and helps to convey ideas in an engaging and easily understandable manner.
Visual aids complement and enhance a speech, engage the audience, and assist the speaker.
The skills to deal with your nerves, use impactful delivery techniques, exude confidence on stage, and engage with the audience.
Storybox team
Training formats
Do it yorself
Trust us
Individual support: a team of professionals ready to help when needed.
We organize the speaker's initial concepts into a clear presentation outline.
A consultation, some feedback on the speech, a workshop, or an online course can give you direction, and from there, you can do it yourself.
Alisa Kruglova,
the devrel at Skyeng
When working with an external contractor, it's important to streamline all processes to avoid any mishaps. In our case, everything went smoothly and predictably. It's convenient that we can trust the speaker and not worry about anything.
An online school for learning English, one of the largest edtech companies in the CIS. We have been collaborating with SKYENG since 2018, having trained over 100 speakers, including C-level executives and founders.

For each speaker, we choose an appropriate format of preparation: we lead them from scratch to the general rehearsal, draw slides for them, and help them add the finishing touches.

We started working with Fedor when he was preparing for his first speech at a conference. At that time, we worked together on the entire preparation process, from formulating the topic, and since then we have worked on many, many speeches, and each time my involvement is required less and less.
Venera helped me overcome the fear of public speaking - or rather, gave me a framework to harness it. I still turn to her almost every time I have a speech. It's convenient that you can delegate slides.
Engineer and entrepreneur, co-founder of the School of Strong Programmers, co-founder of Fedya and Samat.
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